REPUBLICAN PLAN TO FAIL — the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review act of 2015


To make success at a difficult task more likely you need a well thought out plan, and even then failure is a possibility.

But if you want to fail, a plan for failure, makes failure a certainty.

President Obama told us exactly why the Iran Nuke Deal will fail and set the stage for failure.

  • He described exactly the reasons to not negotiate with Iran on their nuclear weapons program. They are the largest state sponsor of terrorism.  They hold Americans hostage, 4 at this point.  Obviously they are not a trustworthy negotiating partner.
  • Nothing in the negotiations will require the Iranians to change their hostile behavior.
  • The US desire for a Deal was greater than the Iranians desire for a deal and that desire led to a constant reduction in the requirements on the Iranians. From no enrichment capacity to limited enrichment capacity.  From 24/7/365 access to any and all sites to limited access after long delays to some sites.

For those reasons the deal is not credible, and consequently we are not credible.  Obama’s desire for this deal was so extreme that nothing he says about the deal is credible.  Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is the obvious outcome.

The Republicans on the other hand did not just set the stage for failure, they planned explicitly for failure.  The Republicans objected to the Iran Nuke deal for the obvious good reasons.  The Iranians cannot be trusted, and the inspection regime in the deal is not adequate to prevent cheating.

This agreement and almost any other on the subject of Nuclear Weapons that commits the US to some action with another country certainly rises to the importance of a treaty.  The constitution (Article ll, Section 2 ) is clear, it specifies that the President cannot make treaty commitments without the approval of 2/3 of the Senate.

President Obama insisted that this agreement is not a treaty and recent precedents give him an argument, but lets have the argument.

What did the Republicans do to press their objections to the Iran Nuke Deal?  They came up with an explicit plan to fail.  Out of the Senate came a bill first proposed by a Republican Senator, Bob Corker.

“Under the terms of the Corker – Cardin bill, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review act of 2015 passed in May, Congress has 60 days to scrutinize the accord between Iran and the United States, and then to vote to accept or reject it — or to do nothing. The president can veto any resolution of disapproval. Congress needs a two-thirds majority in each house to override the veto, so to put the deal into force, Mr. Obama only needs one-third of one of the houses to stand with him.  Given the arithmetic, failure to stop this agreement is guaranteed.

So what happened?  The Nuclear Review act passed the Senate with one NO vote and passed the house in May of 2015 with 25 no votes.  Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted for the bill.  When it came time for the house and Senate to vote on the agreement it never came to the floor of the Senate due to a democrat filibuster and the house voted to disapprove the agreement with less than the 2/3 required to override a veto.  So the President got his agreement.

The Republican leadership, in it’s typically inept fashion adopted a strategy of opposition to the President that was guaranteed failure without much of a fight involved.

The alternative was for a united party, led by leadership, to declare that this agreement obviously rose to the importance level of a treaty.  Then fight for the application of the treaty provisions of the constitution by trying to take the matter to the Supreme Court.  There is good reason to expect that they would have lost on this challenge but it would have been part of a righteous fight.

On matters of this importance to the future of our nation, a question relating to war and peace, we should fight as hard as we can at every opportunity.  We don’t have to win all the time, but fighting helps shape the stage for future battles, probably to our advantage.  Planning to loose, as with the Iran Nuclear Review Act of 2015, just makes Republicans look inept.  It is better to be the Party of No than the Party of Inept.


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