NEWS COVERAGE & my activities


1/25/2016  Today I emailed my announcement that I am running to all the Republican PCOs with email addresses in Spokane County and Stevens County.  I also added a page to my web site on my Presidential preferences.  I am not running for private citizen, so who I have voted for, who I would like to vote for and why are pertinent information for someone considering voting for me.

1/21/16  Spokesman Review page A5  LINK   The phrasing could be a little better describing me.  I am a retired engineer and a Marine Corps veteran, not “a retired Marine Corps veteran”.  Their phrasing would easily lead to the conclusion that I retired from the Marine Corps which is not the case.  I was on active duty in the Peace Time Marine Corps for 4 years.  I made my career as a Mechanical Engineer.

11/05/15  No news coverage as of yet.  I will work on this website for a few days and then start contacting media types to make them aware of my campaign.  Gave my first speech Friday morning, October 30, to a group of about 10.  It was long, 32 minutes, and I read most of it.  During the questions and critique afterwards a couple of the men mentioned Toastmasters and recommended joining a Toastmasters club.  Subsequently I went to two Toastmasters meetings this week.  I found them interesting and usefull.  Got my first donation.  I was surprised and grateful.  Put up a new web page titled Republicans Plan to Fail, regarding their handling of the President’s Iran Nuke Deal.